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Hey guys, I'm going to be sharing my new adventures of life with you here at the Morris RV Park. Paulie and I just moved on to the ranch with Buster ( the chicken wrangler) and we just couldn't be more excited.

Morris RV Park is a working regenerative farm that raises grass fed beef, pasture raised chicken eggs, and we milk a few cows.

Also, just last week the 30 slip RV park opened that was built in the middle of this beautiful 100 acre ranch.

All of the people that choose to stay here for an extended period of time get access to their very own 8x8 raised garden bed. If they want to grow their own little garden.

So, if you are wanting to get out to the country and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, or you are wanting to live where your food is raised and participate in the growing some yourself,  you can find it here!  

I am going to be posting the daily vlog here on the blog so be sure to follow buster, Paulie and I here!

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