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        My name is Bud Pilch. Over the past decade and a half I have been learning, practicing, and developing the methods that we use here on my regenerative farm.  Through these classes I intend to share the information that I have acquired to help others learn these skills.  Lets me show you how we maximize our yield per acre by using old world agricultural practices!


Bud Pilch


Andrea Reed was born and raised on Vancouver Island, Canada. After seven years in England, working in hotel management and running organic food stores, Andrea moved to Oklahoma to marry her husband. In 2010, she founded the Oklahoma Center for Wellness, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, dedicated to educating the        public about the necessity of utilizing sustainable            resources in all areas of our lives. Through the non-profit, she hosts annual events like The Holistic Birth and Baby Event and The Holistic Women’s Wellness Event, and other events to raise funds to build the wellness center and community gardens.                                                         

Andrea’s purpose, along with raising and homeschooling her two boys and enjoying time with her husband, is to help empower people with natural and complimentary options to support their physical, emotional, spiritual and financial lives.

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Andrea Reed


Hello! My name is Kelly and I am a homeschool momma to my two beautiful kids, a wife to my amazing husband of 15 years and keeper of our gazillion animals! We live on 20 acres in Oklahoma and on that land we raise our two goats Billy and Gravy, a flock of laying hens, our horse Lilly, our award winning honey bees and a variety of produce in our large garden. For the last several years I have worked in special education where I was blessed to help teach children ways to cope with anxiety and emotions through art and calming techniques. I am a teacher at heart and over the last 8 years I have taught classes on bee keeping, pollination, wool spinning, bees wax chapstick making and even quail incubating, to hundreds of school children and adults. But bee keeping and teaching about bee keeping has been my biggest passion! I am proud to say we have raised honey bee hives for the last 8 years as a family and won several first place and second place ribbons for our extracted honey. If you come to a bee keeping class you may just get your own taste too!                                                                           

Weather it's canning jellies from fresh berries, knitting wash cloths ( you MUST make your own because you'll be AMAZED! Seriously! ) to mural painting or bee             keeping, you're welcome to join in. I am always teaching  something new and I hope you stick around for a lesson or two!



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Kelly Pierce-howell

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